Our Offerings

We offer end-to-end future-ready solutions in automation, cloud, mobility and analytics. Each of our service verticals addresses a specific need and offers customized solutions focused to enhance efficiency, productivity, flexibility, and competitive edge.

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Our Approach

Our technical expertise and customer-centric approach make us use the best solutions for your needs

Agile Methodology

With our product life cycle approach, we ensure ongoing evolution with continuous delivery of value.

Strong Partner Ecosystem

With a strong partner ecosystem we help businesses to focus on their core strengths while driving innovation.

Technical Adeptness

We specialize in designing a shared long-term roadmap, aligning metrics, and building data culture.

Client-embedded Teams

We act as our client’s extended arm by encompassing diverse roles and positions customized as per the client’s needs.


To ensure long-term success of our clients, we customize framework and methodologies.

Blend Of Skilled Resources

We follow a strategic roadmap for skill development to build a capable, diverse team.

Industries We Serve

We are a full-lifecycle data and software development services company with extensive experience in diverse industries; enabling us to create superior and highly customized solutions. If you need an industry specific solution or want to outsource a development or testing task, look at our industry solutions.


Data digitization to enhance well-being & virtual care

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Retail & E-commerce

Modern data stack to facilitate proactive decision making.

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Data insights to create innovative and interactive learning experiences.

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Energy & Utilities

Simplify and streamline operations using data.

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Our Expertise

Technology Capabilities

Explore our core capabilities to access best-in-class technologies and industry expertise.

Data Lake implementation

The data lake implementation consolidates all data sources, enabling users to perform different analytics tasks simultaneously.

Cloud Data Architecture

Cloud data architecture supports enterprise-wide data workload requirements with unlimited scalability.

Data Warehouse

Cloud data warehouses offer greater scalability with built-in security and disaster recovery capabilities to protect data.

Data Visualization

Data visualization provides interactive dashboards and customizable reports, allowing users to uncover actionable insights quickly.


Identifying and leveraging AI opportunities help to eliminate barriers to creating futuristic business solutions.

Serverless Architecture Model

Minimize your DevOps investment and scale your applications using serverless without server capacity constraints.


Optimize the uninterrupted application delivery system by streamlining and automating the application delivery process.

IoT (internet of things)

Transform your business through informed decisions based on powerful data obtained through edge devices.

Case Studies & Stories

Unlocking the Secrets to Success Through Real-Life Experiences

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Latest Insights

Mahesh Chahare
How to Ensure High Quality Data During Cloud Migration?

If we go by the statistics: 94% of all enterprises use cloud services, and  48% of businesses store classified & essential data on the cloud By 2025, over 100 zettabytes of data will be stored in the cloud.  According to Mordor Intelligence, the cloud migration market is expected to register a CAGR of 28.89% from […]

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How do APIs Facilitate a Seamless Data Migration Process?

Today cloud-first strategy has become integral to enabling the digital transformation journey. Companies deal with humongous data from various applications, websites, customer portals, etc. This data must be consolidated to improve business capabilities and cater to the changing business climate.  With the current telecommuting setup, data migration has become more critical. Still, many data migration […]

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Mahesh Chahare
7 Data Modeling Best Practices to Drive Transformation

Rapid digitalization processes generate a heap of digital and physical data, and the digital exhausts create a high volume of siloed data. The data proliferating from the value chain of CRM, ERPs, on-premise solutions, cloud solutions, and other digital platforms are often siloed and create risks and opportunities. Hence, just as high as the requirement […]

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About Company

Global Brand with Local Roots

We are increasing Business Over 09 years working in IT services developing software application and mobile apps for clientsall over the world with technology

  • Unique Talent Edge: Stable, scalable, affordable, and efficient teams
  • Ample Resources: Ample availability of Fresh Graduates to hire and train
  • Team diversity: Diverse and inclusive team
  • Joyous Teams: Enjoy career growth while staying with family
  • Back to Work: Return-to-work opportunities for Women
  • Women Empowerment: 55% of Staff are Women
  • Team Retention: Exceptional Team Retention boosts productivity
  • Strong Team Bonding: Family Like Team Bonding brings higher engagement