Marketing Results for Properties, Delivered in Real-Time

Helping Agents & Sellers with Transparent, Real-Time, and Easy Access to Campaign Analytics and Results


In real estate, recent tech-driven disruption has led to the rise of online marketplaces managed by applications running across devices. The industry is going Tech-intensive to transform the emerging challenges into opportunities.

The social media marketing of properties, a virtual reality enabled open houses, smart home solutions, legal and ownership information, as well as property searches with custom filters, are nascent trends that have begun transforming the real estate industry.

Real estate firms need to reinvent their businesses, and offerings to stay competitive. Techment has been partnering with industry leaders to deploy technology and help them unlock value with improved user engagement and delightful experience.

Challenges and Opportunities

The real estate market has been a little conservative in adopting technologies. Seller, Agents and Campaign Marketers are still involved in manual, time-consuming as well as cost incurring activities. Also the industry ails from operational silos as the work is still performed in a disintegrated and disorganized fashion.

As a consequence, the entire process from a seller wishing to sell to the actual sales is time taking, shrouded with relative difficulty, and lack of transparency.

Augmentation of speed, cost efficiency, productivity and accuracy are prime challenges. There is a dire need for digitalization, and incorporation of Digital Automation.

Our Solution

Techment’s Real Estate platform enabled a swift exchange of information between the sellers, agents and campaign marketers, by allowing them to visit the campaign analytics on their properties conveniently and in real-time. Thus, helping them make more informed decisions. The platform solves every challenge and allows for scalable value creation.

  • Transparency with Campaign Stats – It will enable sellers and agents to see the campaign-related stats in real-time. They can view the results in many meaningful ways such as according to age, sex, region, profession etc.
  • Syndicate Report – Reports are pulled from Facebook, Instagram, and Google, allowing the sellers to see syndication data from sites like Zillow, Realtor, etc., thus helping them envision a complete picture of their property’s response.
  • Active Event Management – The platform allows the agents to actively manage the property by creating and managing open-houses and showings.
  • Chat Between Decision Makers – The platform also allows the sellers and agents to chat through the platform, thus enabling quick and easy interaction between the two for better decision making.

Technology Stack


React Js



SQL Server



Agile Methodology





Impact and Business value

Agents were able to better monitor their property by creating and managing open-houses and showings. Thus, the platform was able to create synergy for all the participants. The platform creates immense value to various players in the market.

  • Brokerage Houses – The platform helps brokerage houses to register a greater number of sellers. This is because the platform provides such an easy to use and transparent platform that it creates trust and confidence for the brokerage house.
  • Marketing Houses – Developing such a platform goes a long way in facilitating Campaign Marketers in registering more Brokerage houses. This is because the process gets simplified significantly, the manual part gets minimized through process automation, it empowers them with greater control in managing their properties.
  • Product Owners – The platform, when integrated with various participants by the Product Owners like Media companies, etc., helps them leverage the inbuilt process automation to the maximum and integrate many stakeholders in the chain.

If you are a real estate player, who wants to bring in automation, speed, higher functionality to your processes and transform the user experience, let’s connect over a phone call and explore the possibilities of our collaboration.

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