Updating Data Processes for Efficient Business Operations

Adopting Reliable Data Migration Service


One of our client in the winery retail industry located in California, has grown significantly over the years reaching a wider customer base. They have been facing difficulties managing their data effectively due to outdated information systems. Inconsistencies in data across departments, data silos, and the lack of integration have made it challenging for their employees to share information. They were looking at overcoming the challenges to streamline their data management processes for efficient business operations.

They came to us seeking a reliable technology partner who can help to perform services pertaining to data migration and engineering that could transfer their enormous data to a more efficient and updated system that can integrate with all departments.

Challenges and Opportunities

Usage of on-premises MySQL database (Corsense database) for years to store various types of data, such as customer details, product inventories, and sales transactions.

However, due to the increasing amount of data and growing customer base, the current database can no longer support the client’s business needs. Thus, they decided to migrate their data from the on-premises MySQL database to Azure SQL Server, a cloud-based database management system to perform analytics around data for better customer acquisition and retention.

Our Solution

Data migration from an on-premises MySQL database to Azure SQL Server is a critical process that requires careful planning, execution, and validation.

  • Assessing the source data in the Corsense database – We identified the most critical data elements and prioritized them for migration. We also mapped data between the two database systems and the required data transformations.
  • Preparing the target environment – We used Azure SQL Server to set up the target environment. We optimized the database settings for optimal performance and scalability.
  • Data Migration – The data is extracted from the Corsense database, transformed to meet the target database schema, and loaded to Azure SQL Server.
  • Validation – We ensured that all the critical data elements are migrated correctly with no data integrity or consistency issues.

Finally, we conducted user acceptance testing to verify that the migrated data can be accessed by the end users without any issues. We also provided training and support to ensure a smooth transition and paved the way for getting accurate business insights.

Technology Stack


React Js



SQL Server



Agile Methodology





Impact and Business value

  • Reduction in time spent on data management tasks by 60%
  • Reduction in the time required to process data by 40%
  • Faster response time to market changes by 30%

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