Data-cloud Continuum BringsThe Promise of Value-Based Care

The Scope of Data in Healthcare….

  • The healthcare sector generates around 30% of the world’s data. In 2020, the total amount of healthcare data collected was 2100 exabytes, which is expected to grow by 36% by 2025.
  • Do you know the rate of generation of healthcare data is 10% faster than the financial industry and 11% faster than the entertainment sector?
  • The global healthcare data-driven sector has the potential to generate 100-170$ billion in revenue by 2030.

The White paper embraces the changing digital mindset of healthcare professionals that can transform their relationship with consumers.

Undoubtedly, digitization has been taking giant leaps over the past two decades, forcing healthcare systems to adopt new digital technologies in varied functional areas.

The healthcare industry has been taking piecemeal initiatives—from installing electronic health record (EHR) systems to using disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) through Apps, using the conventional business models as the foundation.

The post-pandemic scenario, the modern complexities of life, and the pressing needs of time have further accelerated the digital revolution evolving the market for e-visits over virtual visits, wherein virtual consultations, documents, and medical records can also be easily shared electronically.
This White paper embraces the changing digital mindset of healthcare professionals that can transform their relationship with consumers. Physicians and healthcare professionals will make better decisions if they access information from other healthcare organizations.

The Whitepaper answers the following key concerns:

  • How can we evolve the healthcare ecosystem to be more responsive and patient-centric?
  • How can the healthcare industry increase the breadth of care using technology to make it more cost-effective?
  • Telehealth utilization is 38X higher than before the pandemic. Undoubtedly, the trend will increase in the future, but the challenge lies in figuring out how we will isolate this data cycle when everything is going remote.
  • The key to positive outcomes in population health is efficient data integration that provides holistic patient profiles using technology to work on pre-built codes to bridge care costs and out-of-network utilization. This calls for robust studies in all medical conditions supporting virtual care structure, as sufficient research is lacking to support telemedicine.

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