Enhancing Geospatial Platform Using ArcGISPro

Modernizing Pracel Sync Platform to Parcel Sync Pro With ArcGIS Pro Integration.


The existing real property assessment and tax collection systems are under pressure to increase efficiency, as monitoring and updating of property units are not being carried out regularly, which results in a loss of revenue. Geospatial technologies integrated with databases offer an effective tool for easy assessment and management of property tax and help to monitor property tax revenue by preparing a common platform that visually links all property-related data.

(GIS) is the tool to identify and locate the exact location of the properties with relevant tax attributes. As a result, the property tax system will become more transparent, efficient, and updated, and considerable enhancement in government revenue.

Our client is a leading workers’ compensation and property tax solution provider who automates and optimizes property tax processes for counties. They needed an upgraded geospatial platform, Parcel Sync Pro, compatible with ArcGISPro, to collect, computerize, control, analyze, and monitor parcels.

Challenges and Opportunities

Our client needed to upgrade their desktop GIS workflow application with advanced features as their current platform was built using ArcMap, which would soon become obsolete.

  • The Arc Map was a single-threaded application.
  • ArcMap lacked a dedicated tool for parcel editing.
  • Their platform was configuration based and used a single file for configuration.

Our Solution

We incorporated multiple workflows (like Ownership transfer, Combine parcels, Discover, Retired parcel, Split parcels, Non-Mapped, Parent Child and transfer, Ad Hoc, Subdivision of parcels, GIS-only edits), including the split workflow for dividing a parcel by area to create new parcels.

The split workflow in Parcel Sync Pro is a feature that allows users to split a parcel into two or more separate parcels. This is useful when a property owner wishes to subdivide their property or when a local government needs to update its parcel data to reflect changes to property boundaries.

  • The platform is designed to run on ArcGIsPro and supports data sharing across multiple other platforms, featuring robust capabilities.
  • ArcGIS Pro is a multi-threaded application.
  • We designed the platform using multiple files for quick and easy configuration.
  • We created multiple tasks under Split workflow, including select parent, transaction information, split, attribution, addressing, overlay calculation, topology validation, and data validation.
  • The platform is facilitated with enhanced Mapping Capabilities, including improved labeling and annotation tools, new cartographic tools, and enhanced symbiology options.

Technology Stack


React Js



SQL Server



Agile Methodology





Impact and Business value

  • Enhanced functionality and better performance due to advanced spatial analysis, 3D mapping, and real-time data visualization.
  • Smooth, quick, and cost-effective transition due to technical expertise and support.
  • Technical training helped to fully leverage the new Parcel SyncPro Platform and maximize its value.
  • Modernizing the Parcel Sync platform improved efficiency, accuracy, and functionality, enabling better decision-making and supporting long-term growth and success.
  • Improved collaboration, cost savings, and improved productivity.

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