Optimizing chronic care with Reliable Patient data

Migrating Data for timely clinical intervention


Digital Therapeutics based on advanced technology-based solutions are rapidly emerging as an effective tool for healthcare delivery systems. It allows the health ecosystem to personalize disease management by facilitating accurate results, information, and clinical intervention.

Chronic and lifestyle disease care management requires constant digital intervention that empowers patients with clinically safe treatments. Real-time data tracking facilitates communication between the provider, the patient, and the payer team to make chronic care management more efficient.

Challenges and Opportunities

Hosting voluminous data in a traditional data center environment proved challenging to our client, a leading provider of chronic care management in the US. Our client had a huge reservoir of more than 50GB of historical data in an unstructured format that had to be utilized for data analytics to facilitate chronic care management. The data had to be accumulated from various sources like Cosmos DB, Google Analytics, and Sunbird and migrated to the cloud, which was a complex, risky, and time-consuming proposition.

Our Solution

Data Migration Work Process

Data Sources: Cosmos DB, Google Analytics, Sunbird

Cloud – ADLS (Azure Data Lake Storage)

Target System – Data Bricks

We migrated our client’s data to Azure data bricks cloud, ensuring 100% on-time data submission with clean and reliable data, which is fully encrypted.

We first migrated data to the Azure function and then to ADLS to run a large-scale analytics system. This enabled a quick and easy data migration that was 100% spot on because we validated the raw data to precision.

Did our Migration process involve any of the following checks?

  • Create Schema Comparison Validations, Count Checks, and Data Reconciliation Checks.

Technology Stack


React Js



SQL Server



Agile Methodology





Impact and Business value

Our fully trained and certified team of migration specialists ensured:

  • Cost-efficient and faster migration.
  • Data is 100% clean, accurate, and reliable.
  • Data is fully encrypted and compliant.
  • Proactive medical intervention with data analytics.

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