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Data and Intelligence

We build a Data and Intelligence framework to optimize, secure, automate and centralize foundational infrastructure to drive businesses effectively.

We help you reinvent your business model through Machine Learning and AI-led technology automation to create an exceptional customer experience.

Techment’s Data Management Model

Our data management model is founded on the following pillars:

High Business Value

Release the power of data to automate workflows, deliver trusted insights and ensure data intelligence across your organization. Use data analytics to scale your businesses and deliver better client satisfaction.

Business Innovation

Transform data for technology evaluation, build the reference architectures, and convert POC to Pilots.

Industry-compliant Solutions

We provide customized solutions using our high-velocity agile delivery model and tech expertise. If you are looking at customized data solutions, please check our industry- compliant solutions.

Technology Foundation

We maximize your go-to-market strategy by shaping the future of your business with a human-centric approach.

Discovery & Maturity Assessment

At Techment, we take a customized approach to designing the strategy for every business, as we believe every business is unique. We help organizations understand their data landscape and identify areas for improvement. The process starts with a comprehensive analysis of your business, goals, and current data infrastructure, and includes a tailored strategy to address your specific needs and goals. The resulting insights help businesses make better data-driven decisions and improve overall performance.

Data Migration

Our comprehensive data migration solutions ensure seamless data migration to leading platforms such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud with minimal disruption.

Techment’s cloud-based data migration utility tool optimizes the migration process by building pipelines, providing security, performing data validation, handling real-time data streaming, minimizing application downtime, and supporting different file formats.

Data Modeling

We help you optimize data performance, minimize data redundancy, and enhance data integrity, allowing you to derive more value from your data. Whether you need to build a new data model from scratch or update an existing one, our experts help you streamline your data management processes and achieve your business objectives.

Our team of experienced data modelers is proficient in building scalable and flexible data models that can easily adapt to changing business requirements.


From data ingestion, transformation and analytics to data visualization, we help you build a DevOps framework and architecture to deliver high-quality, reliable data.

We build automated data pipelines to aggregate, process, and monitor your data’s key performance metrics using the latest AI/ML technologies and automation processes. Using the latest ETL/ELT and data cataloging tools, we create a unified interoperable data hub.

Quality Assurance

We use specialized tools and techniques to ensure that data is accurate, consistent, complete and compliant with industry regulations. Our meticulous quality checks involve a number of steps, including data profiling, data cleansing, data enrichment and data validation. By providing reliable data, we help businesses minimize errors and inefficiencies and increase the overall effectiveness of data-driven decision making.

Data Governance

Data Governance is the first step towards smarter, more efficient data management. Our comprehensive data cataloging service, enables you to understand better and utilize your data assets. Our data cataloging service includes a range of features, such as automated metadata extraction, data profiling, and data lineage tracking.

We ensure that your data is properly classified, documented, and managed, leading to improved decision-making, increased productivity, and reduced risk. Our experts support you every step of the way, from onboarding to ongoing maintenance and optimization.

Business Insights

We give your data the right platform to unfold the hidden stories trapped in your data by developing insightful reports and interactive custom-built dashboards. Our tools for data visualization, reporting and analytics allow you to access customized insights and recommendations, improve performance, and drive growth.

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