Startup Innovation & Technology Strategies at Times of Crisis

Key Takeaways:

  • Of the $3 trillion startup ecosystem, 40% of startups are in the red zone, with only 3 months of cash available. Startups are facing the double whammy of demand slump and scarcity of capital that puts them in a dire-straits.
  • Intriguingly, 9% companies will emerge in a stronger position at the end of the recession. The paper explores the lessons that startups can learn from these companies!
  • We interviewed a half-a-dozen world’s most prominent thought leaders to scrupulously curate a comprehensive strategic framework that may not only add value during a crisis but also in the long term.
  • Acing a downturn is all about doing the same things- Making Decisions, Cutting Costs, Leading, Innovating and more, but with a vision that reconciles the short term exigency and long term strategy. The paper elucidates the elements of the balancing act.
  • 90% of the entire world’s data was created in the last 2 years! The leaders that we spoke to, have put data at the heart of innovation, culture, operations, sales, marketing and more. Explore the views of the most prominent people to understand why startups need to more aggressively tap data and advanced technology.
  • AI analytical techniques could potentially enable $9.5 trillion to $15.4 trillion annual impact. A significant part of it is rapidly becoming a low-hanging fruit and leadership in advanced technology holds a lot of promise for startups. The Paper illuminates the reasons why it has become a significant issue.
  • When dealing with crisis induced uncertainty, decentralized firms fared better than centralized peers because they were more aggressive in changing offerings, in experimentation and were able to adapt better to change because empowered employees used local information to make well informed decisions.

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