Logistics 2021 and Beyond: A Quantum Digital Leap or Incremental Adoption?

Exploring Logistics Trends, Transformation and Value Creation Opportunities with Digital

It took a crisis to underscore the significance of digital and logistics as the movers and shakers of our world. The realization of the strain on transportation and logistics was unprecedented, and thus the lessons out of the crisis will have far reaching ripples. We spoke with world’s foremost experts to understand the transformation of the industry and how should logistics companies strategize to navigate the change. If you are curious to know about the change underway, about the areas of digital-enabled value creation,  and how best LSPs must strategize for the new normal, the paper has some interesting takeaways for you. The paper explores the unique daunting challenges logistics companies face and how technology can help them create value and survive in the new normal.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Understanding State of Logistics 2021
  • Impact of the Pandemic on the Industry
  • Impact on Digital Adoption
  • Understanding Success Factors and Barriers to Digital Transformation
  • 16 Major Logistics Trends
  • Freight Forwarding’s Likely Future
  • Strategic Framework for Logistics Service Providers
  • The Future of Logistics – Process Automation and Digital Platforms

Our Esteemed Collaborators

Mr. Wolfgang Lehmacher

Mr. Shekar Raman




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