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Empowering users withMyKizen Applicationto manage their Health Ecosystem


Healthcare is a rapidly transforming industry that has been inundated with changes from every corner, As a result of which companies now are moving into digital transformation mode where every user will have a way to access their entire health ecosystem through their mobile and tablet devices.

RMG Blockchain Solutions has taken an initiative to facilitate each and every user to access their healthcare record right from their mobile devices. This application also caters to the needs of doctors to access the users past medical history for providing better consultation along with facilities of online/offline appointments during emergencies and their regular visits along with record management which is the heart of the core application. It also provides a way to send the details of medicines prescribed by doctor in real time to pharmacists for ordering and tracking thus providing a one stop mobile application for end users along with security and trustworthiness.

This application is developed keeping in mind its ease of use across age groups as the vision of the product will be forecasted as Make in India focusing as user centric with minimal clicks and more visualization for easy understanding and decision making.

Challenges and Opportunities

As a digital catalyst company , we discussed with RMG on the below challenges and provided a way to resolve the same by following a 2 way step process. Initially as part of the engagement we started with UI Conceptualization as the first step towards achieving their vision.

  • Medical Information available in haphazard way to users
  • Doctors are not able to have a complete view of past medical history of users for consultation.
  • Lack of Process Automation.
  • Lengthy Iterations and Tracking of Medicine Orders in a disintegrated way.
  • Record Management.

Our Solution

We worked with the RMG core team and understood the nitty-gritty of the customer needs and designed our clickable custom MVP mobile application with a concept of ready to deploy. It was endowed with the following features:

  • Profile Management – Users, Doctors and Pharmacist
  • Connected ecosystem for users to take appointments and order medicines from pharmacist
  • Referral and delegation management
  • Upload and design facility to upload medical records along with medical devices information tracking and display.
  • Ease to use and access for better operations and consulting.
  • One stop appl

Technology Stack


Bootstrap 3










Impact & Business value

In a world where remote work and telehealth are becoming the new normal, being a technology-enabled company we have developed mobile & easy to use healthcare management solutions. It enables users to keep track and maintain all health and consultation records by using their iPhone or Android phone.

  • Maintain Data Records, Cost-Effective, Easy to use
  • Enhanced Accuracy during consultation

Our application creates high value for all the stakeholders:

  • Patients/Users, Doctors & Pharmacists

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