Leveraging AI And Digital Technology For Chronic Care Management

Optimizing Chronic care through AI-powered Digital Platform


Digital Therapeutics based on advanced technology-based solutions is rapidly emerging as an effective tool to healthcare delivery systems. It allows the health ecosystem to personalize disease management by facilitating accurate results, information, and clinical intervention.

Chronic and lifestyle disease care management requires constant digital intervention that empowers patients with clinically safe treatments.

Given the same, our client needed an onboarding technology partner, and our engagement deepened rapidly with rapid innovation and tangible results.

Challenges and Opportunities

Here is what the client was looking for:

  • Technical resource scalability and Management
  • Cost-effective Client onboarding scalability
  • Siloless Device-platform integration
  • Platform Functionality and capability augmentation
  • Cost-effective platform upgradation
  • Seamless Third-party integration
  • Meeting compliances and regulatory requirements
  • Localisation and internationalization

Our Solution

Here is how we helped our client become the market leader in diabetic management

  • White labeling of SaaS products
  • Code Level Configured language Translations ( in Spanish/French/Japanese) for mobile devices.
  • Diverse Smart Device Integration
  • Digital Therapeutics Module Augmentation
  • Platform Augmentation with new APIs
  • End-to-end Digital Client Onboarding
  • Incorporating Advanced Technologies
  • Additional compliances for better user experience

Technology Stack


React Js



SQL Server



Agile Methodology





Impact & Business value

  • Faster, easier, and cost-effective white labeling
  • Rapid and scalable client onboarding
  • Diverse device integration support
  • On budget, on value project delivery
  • Reduced time-to-market with API driven strategy
  • Compliance validations like HIPAA
  • Better white labeling with bespoke feature additions
  • Greater geographic reach with integrated language support

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