Today, telehealth has emerged as an integral part of the healthcare system, and technology has become a chief enabler. Availability and affordability of smart diagnostic tools, comprehensive software platforms, mobile apps, and improved MIoTs have led to the improved care healthcare experience.

Techment has expertise in coupling IT solutions with healthcare to facilitate better treatments. For instance, ECG Check is a healthcare app integrated with a medical device that allows recording and instant analysis of one’s ECG recording. The solution enables users and their physicians to monitor heart health from anywhere and at any time.

Challenges and Opportunities

In cardiac issues, time is of the ultimate essence. Timely reporting of heart irregularity can save lives, but here is the problem – it is near impossible to do an ECG at home and report it simultaneously.
The traditional method requires intrusive skin preparation, professional fitting in the doctor’s office plus the use of wires or patches which at times are not easy & comfortable. A person who is not feeling well might find those highly challenging, and thus the need for smart health management tools to track heart conditions.

Anytime ECG Scan

Large Probability of Manual Measurement Errors

Getting ECG Analysis and Communicating the Report

Setting up Traditional Apparatus

Need for a Doctor to get Details on Heart’s Condition

Our Solution

Techment’s ECG Check app eliminates the traditional hassle & helps in monitoring ECG at personal convenience. Our application integrates with a small ECG monitoring device that can record the heart’s electrical impulses and send them to the application via Bluetooth.
The data received by the app is decoded to generate and display the ECG waveform on the user’s screen. The waveform is analyzed by standardized algorithms to give an immediate diagnosis of whether the readings are normal or abnormal.
The application can be implemented at various medical centers & can be used for better monitoring of ECG in a closed group of physicians and their patients. It is also FDA-approved and adheres to IEC 63204.

Technology Stack







Visual Studio





Impact & Business value

In a world where remote work and telehealth are becoming the new normal, care institutions need to incorporate technology in delivering better and convenient care. Being a technology-enabled medical service, ECG check has proved as an ideal solution for all who need mobile & easy to use healthcare management solutions. It enables users to keep track of their heart rhythm anywhere at their home, work, or outdoors by using their iPhone or Android phone.

The automation process delivered success on all accounts by

Data Records :

Data is the power, and more health data and stats with app help improve treatment

Cost-Effective :

For patients, doctors, clinic and hospitals

Easy to use :

No need for elaborate and complex instrumentation

Enhanced Accuracy :

Digital and quality certified results negate the chances of reporting errors

Our application creates high value for all the stakeholders:


They can measure their heart activity as many times as they want and get an instant report on its state. This helps them avoid late-night emergency room visits and panic.


Easy and more access to health stats and reports for better treatment.


Cost-effective solution extendable to remote care for better monitoring and siloless records.