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#5: Reimagining Healthcare Using Technology

Duration: 18 minutes

The visionary founder & CEO of Nabta Health. NABTA Health is a hybrid healthcare platform for women, enabling accelerated diagnosis,...

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#4: The Impact of technology on Healthcare

Duration: 21 minutes

Jamey Edwards is the Chief Platform Officer at StartUp Health, which was founded in 2011 to invest in a global...

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#3: India’s Leading Healthcare Influencer

Duration: 33 minutes

Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran, the founder of Healthcare India, collaborated with us on the pandemic’s effect on DX in India and...

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#2: A Prolific Healthtech Researcher and Digital Strategist

Duration: 34 minutes

Christine K Jacob, founder Digi-Bridges, collaborated with us on creating successful mHealth Applications and healthcare trends.

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#1: The Pioneering Man – Father of Telemedicine

Duration: 43 minutes

Jay H. Sanders, M.D., CEO 0f The Global Telemedicine Group, discussed the decisive rise of telemedicine and future of healthcare.

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Pratibha Khichariya
Building a Data-Driven Culture to Drive Success

Data-driven companies are twice as likely to use business analytics to explore new ways of doing business and twice as likely to use analytics to gain a competitive advantage. In today’s data-dr[…]

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Data-cloud Continuum Brings The Promise of Value-Based Care

The white paper, “Data-cloud Continuum Brings The Promise of Value-Based Care” acknowledges the changing digital mindset of healthcare professionals and explores how it can transform their relationshi[…]

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#13: Harnessing the Power of Microservices for Seamless Scalability and Rapid Innovation

Vishal Maheshwari is a Senior Cloud Architect at Techment with over 16 years of extensive development, design, and management experience in delivering end-to-end IT

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