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#14: The Future of AI Integration in Healthcare

Duration: 20 minutes 29 seconds

Dr. Vinaytosh Mishra is the Director of Thumbay Institute for AI in Healthcare and Associate Professor for Healthcare Management (Management,...

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#13: Harnessing the Power of Microservices for Seamless Scalability and...

Duration: 23 minutes 04 seconds

Vishal Maheshwari is a Senior Cloud Architect at Techment with over 16 years of extensive development, design, and management experience...

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#12: Harnessing Data and AI for Transforming Healthcare

Duration: 30 minutes 24 seconds

Gil Bashe, the Chair of Global Health and Purpose at FINN Partners, has dedicated his career to advancing health innovation....

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#11: Revolutionizing Healthcare: Unleashing AI and ML’s Transformative Power

Duration: 24 minutes 45 seconds

Mahesh Chahare, our guest on the podcast, is an accomplished, ML-BI Analyst, specializing in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP),...

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#10: Technology and Innovation: Key Drivers of Value-based Care

Duration: 36 minutes 1 seconds

Gail Zahtz is a seasoned healthcare expert, fractional executive, and global speaker dedicated to shifting healthcare paradigms from illness-centric to...

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#9: Using data technology to accelerate digital transformation

Duration: 21 minutes 17 seconds

With over 19 years of manufacturing transformation experience in Electronic Solutions, Medical Devices, Aerospace, and Defense industries, Tony leads digital...

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#8: Generative AI in Healthcare

Duration: 31 minutes 10 seconds

Prof. Dr. Enrico Molinari is head of innovation & technologies transfer and marketing game changer with finserv & capital market...

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#7: AI and Data: Transforming Retail to Success

Duration: 33 minutes

Shekar Raman is the CEO and co-founder of Birdzi, a grocery retail AI solutions company. He is passionate about leveraging...

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#6: Digital Tools Strengthening Educator-Parent-Professional Communication

Duration: 31 minutes

Miss Lily Phang is the Co-founder of Ebility and Homage. Ebility is a global platform dedicated to empowering children with...

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#14: The Future of AI Integration in Healthcare

Dr. Vinaytosh Mishra is the Director of Thumbay Institute for AI in Healthcare and Associate Professor for Healthcare Management (Management, Digital Health, and Heath Analytics) at the College of Hea[…]

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