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Digital Tools Strengthening Educator-Parent-Professional Communication

Excerpts from Podcast with Miss Lily Phang

Miss Lily Phang is the Co-founder of Ebility and Homage. Ebility is a global platform dedicated to empowering children with special needs by enabling parents, therapists, and educators to collaborate and address the challenges they face. On the other hand, Homage offers on-demand home care services that prioritize the well-being and dignity of the elderly, enhancing their quality of life and bringing joy to their lives.


Podcast Insights:

  • Digital tools can make a huge difference in care for specially-abled children & the elderly population by providing instant access to patient information, enhanced collaboration, and prompt & timely interventions, hence, improving patient outcomes and safety.
  • Digital tools empower family members to stay more involved and informed about the patient’s situation, leading to higher satisfaction. Improving communication through the implementation of digital tools provides comprehensive assessment reports and seamless transitions between caregivers and ensures the best possible care.
  • These digital technologies & online therapy sessions like video consultations help raise awareness about the services, help the community enhance their skills and knowledge about the challenges & needs of patients, and learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Integrating face-to-face interactions and technology, such as video conferences, holds tremendous potential for improving outcomes for specially-abled children by fostering meaningful connections and creating opportunities for more effective treatment.
  • The technology eliminates the need for extensive travel and increases the availability of specialized expertise, enhancing a child’s life by improving accessibility.
  • A hybrid approach in technology and human interaction leads to better outcomes in therapy and education. Therapists and educators play pivotal roles in providing emotional support, personalized feedback, and facilitating social interaction. 
  • Post Covid, digital platforms have improved outcomes for specially-abled children through increased home-school collaboration, providing coaching and strategies to teachers, and reducing burnout, ultimately enhancing their experiences.
  • The use of digital platforms contributed to the development of vast support networks and care communities that made it easier to receive enhanced care, raise awareness about the services offered to specially-abled children, and gain access to resources for their education and healthcare.
  • Technology, when used correctly, considering the associated risks, and implementing checks and balances to mitigate them, can significantly improve productivity and efficiency, including healthcare, education, and overall user experience.
  • Technology, such as virtual reality, provides solutions for individuals with sensory integration issues, allowing them to engage remotely in daily chores,  navigate in virtual environments, and work from the comfort of their homes without being overwhelmed by crowds and noise.
  • AI can assist in educating and supporting specially-abled children by offering suggestions and strategies tailored to individual profiles and helping teachers understand the behavioral challenges of these children.
  • By utilizing IoT devices, healthcare professionals can remotely monitor patients and predict potential issues by collecting sufficient data to understand individual profiles. This allows for timely interventions to prevent falls or other adverse events. 
  • Technology is valuable; the human touch should complement it. This implies that even with advanced technology, the human element, such as empathy and personal interaction, remains essential in providing holistic care to these children & people of all age groups.
Digital Tools for Educator-Parent-Professional Communication

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