Digital Acceleration in Healthcare:
12 Mega-Trends Shaping its Transformation

Healthcare's Giant Leap

This paper explores the astonishing change healthcare systems are going through. Technology-driven disruption is on its way; research estimates a value creation of much over $500 bn in coming years as progressive regulations and the success of telehealth services have laid the foundation to the giant leap. We have gone into great depth to understand what this change means for healthcare institutions and other stakeholders in the healthcare space. Read the insights from the pioneering people of the field, who have seen healthcare’s evolution and are still shaping it. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Analysis of current once-in-a-generation shift in healthcare systems
  • 12 mega-trends shaping the future of healthcare
  • The state of Digital Transformation in healthcare vis-a-vis other industries
  • Time at hand with healthcare institutions have to embrace digital transformation
  • Overcoming challenges in digital transformation
  • Birth of 8 new players to facilitate digital 
  • Success Factors to mind while creating  digital healthcare platforms
  • Phenomena of technology driven birth of innovation and new ecosystems
  • Institutions investment trends and their influence in shaping the future
  • How to deal with Data Privacy and Cybersecurity
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