Golf is Going Tech-First! Technology has changed Golf tremendously in the last 15-20 years. Most of it applies in the sport from smart golf balls to connected smart grips that tell the player everything about his performance, through shot tracking, distance calculation and more. As the game gets more tech savvy, Golf clubs too need to radically change and drive business transformation through technology infusion which can elevate the player experience. Techment partners with golf clubs and golf course management companies, to improve player experience, productivity and thus improving bottom line.

Challenges and Opportunities

The wide array of operations and services that golf courses offer, present an unprecedented opportunity for technological automation that unlocks large amounts of value through synergy.
The challenges traditional as well as new golf clubs face are:

Tee Time

The lack of ease in getting information about available tee slots is a significant drawback.


Time-consuming on site selection and purchase of food & beverages is an old way of functioning and needs a fresh approach.

Golfing Gears

Checking the availability of golfing gears and its billing are laborious tasks.

Mentor Availability

Unorganized and opaque way of finding golf mentors is frustrating & inefficient.

Dated PoS Terminals

Existing PoS terminals are very rudimentary and involve a lot of manual labour, the scope for automation, thus, is vast.

Complex Billing

The billing of a large number of products and services, rewards, discounts, merchandising returns, credits and offers, is a challenging task which causes significant inconvenience.

Tough Accessibility

There is no platform which can enable the golfers to choose from golf courses across the world & help them with travel arrangements and tours. The demand is there, but supply is significantly wanting.

The seamless integration of various facets of the business to deliver a superlative user experience is the need of the hour.

Our Solution

Our applications offer features that would help your org anisation to streamline your business with:

  • Remote Tee Time Booking, along with F&B and Renting of golfing gears
  • State-of-Art Point of Sale (PoS) system:

    Unlimited Custom Keys, Manage inventory, Check Tee Time Availability, Complex Billing, Integrated Barcode
    scanner, Sales Analytics etc.

  • Pos Air:

    Deliver ultimate golfing experience with PoS on multiple screens, anywhere

  • Gift Card Management
  • Membership Card & Digital Passes
  • Record Scores:

    Help your golfers to record their Aces, Birdies, Bogeys, etc.

  • 3D View:

    Help your golfers to record their Aces, Birdies, Bogeys, etc.

  • Golf-At-Proximity:

    Help your golfers to record their Aces, Birdies, Bogeys, etc.

  • Enable Golfers to find PGA Certified Guru

Technology Stack


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Impact & Business value

Our well-endowed applications, thoughtfully customised to heed business needs, have gone a long way in improving the Golfing Experience.

Our clients reported a spike in enrolment of new golfers and members

Impressive rise in revenues from other segments like F&B and other merchandise

Better cost-efficiency

Greater control in Inventory management

Greater control in Inventory management

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