From the experience of being a fan, the performance enhancement of an athlete, to the ways sport is consumed, the industry has evolved radically. With the astounding rise of disruptive technologies, the transformations shall march on unabated.
Sports companies are increasingly on the lookout for augmenting their services as the customers look forward to an enriching experience. They now understand the significance of using technology to change the way they serve customers and deliver sports.

Challenges and Opportunities

Today, there are thousands of players and events happening across America. The challenge was to keep updated on the latest events and updates on one’s favorite sporting events. The challenge was two-pronged for sports enthusiasts who play regularly as well. Players and sports enthusiasts needed a seamless platform to see what their teams were doing, when and where of the next match, and against whom they were playing?

The client wanted the application to work exactly in tune with the organization’s live websites (including UI, themes, and all other major functionalities). The prominent challenge for the Team at Techment was to build an Application integrated with the live web projects without using any APIs.

Our Solution

The Team at Techment designed a Platform by which they could build applications from live websites. This customizable application catered to Sports Clubs across the US and integrated data from the website into a Mobile Application in the least possible time. Tehment conceived a versatile mobile application that could provide all the information of a particular league, event, or class to a user and be able to handle a variety of leagues and social events including softball, flag football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, kickball, bowling, golf, and more.

The application was designed to integrate all information from the websites. Regular notifications to the members on games registered by the user and personalized reminders to the specific user were additional features of the application.
Techment designed the App for various Sports clubs such as Sportsmonkey, Social Boston Sports, NLA Sports, Austin Sports, Social Club, San Antonio Sports, Social Club, and LoneStar Sports and Social Club.

Chat Function:

Techment also enhanced the overall experience by adding a chat function to the application where the players could interact. There were two ways of interaction:

Team Chat

Players could interact with the team members and share whatever they deem relevant.

League Chat

Every player in the league could chat with each other in this group.

Social Media Linkage:

The profiles of the other players are linked so that other players can explore their opponents and other players as well.

Impact & Business value

Many-fold Engagement

The engaging UI and thoughtfully created UX of the applications resulted in higher user engagement from day one. The application saw a rise in popularity within no time.

Cost Advantage

Also, the client was able to save cost, as the major part of information dissemination and other inquiries were handled by the application.

More Brand Equity

The application was effortlessly able to achieve what it was designed for - creating a seamless experience for players to stay connected, updated, and ready to action!

Client Testimonial

The platform designed was highly appreciated by the client.


I think it was the quality of work you have done on the mobile app itself that is encouraging our customers to work with us. The executive team at Techment is very technical and hands-on, so it was easy for me to communicate my functional and technical requirements and feel confident that I was being understood at all levels of the organization.

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