Transforming Circle Creation with a User-Friendly Application

Empowering Users to Connect with Like-Minded People


With the advent of social media and technology, people widely use applications to facilitate messaging and voice/video calling to anyone across the globe. One of our clients has a platform that allows end-users to create groups of their preferred themes and invite people of similar interests to chat and share their views.

The platform will help bring users with similar interests to a common marketplace. They wanted to design two new applications that could be integrated into their system and will be an Android and IoS-based mobile application.

Challenges and Opportunities

Our client’s theme-based chatting system allows users to create a circle for any purpose and end the circle when the purpose is resolved. Our client needed a new application for their ideas to allow users to register, create the circle, and explore more about the theme selected by them.

We collaborated with them as their technology partner to create a new application on the finance theme with the following features.

  • Designing a platform for a unique experience of bringing users with similar interests to a common marketplace on mobile devices.
  • The social media networks and special messaging programs utilize differing messaging protocols to affect the instant communication between users.
  • The platform will help customers create themed circles for a purpose and end when the purpose is completed.

Our Solution

Here is how we helped our client become the market leader in diabetic management

  • The Applications let you send and receive messages and share documents, photos, and videos.
  • Rest API-based chatbot is designed specific to themes.
  • Decentralized architecture using XMPP.
  • Features to provide top-notch security and extra flexibility are enabled.
  • An API can be invoked using hashtags or other symbols with its own authentication mechanism.

Technology Stack


React Js



SQL Server



Agile Methodology





Impact and Business value

  • Better user engagement and satisfaction: Increasing user retention and loyalty.
  • Increased user acquisition: The new application is an innovative and user-friendly platform for connecting with like-minded people.
  • Better data collection: The new application provides better data collection and analysis capabilities. It can track user behavior and preferences, helping the client to improve their product offering and marketing strategy.
  • Increased revenue potential: New monetization opportunities through advertising, premium features, and subscription-based models.

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