How Techment Transforms Insights into Actionable Decisions Through Data Visualization?


Smooth business operations rely on different departments working together and generating much data. When this mix of data gets ready for analysis and visualization, it becomes a powerful tool for organizations.

Our US technology and marketing client faced challenges in integrating and visualizing data from various operations. We tackled this with a comprehensive approach, using analytics and visualization for better decision-making across multiple aspects. Tailored dashboards provide real-time insights that enhance decision-making, resource allocation, and overall operational performance.


Our client had around 1200+ data tables stored in various legacy servers and platforms, making it challenging to access for business reporting. Their diverse data ranged from safety measures, training, and accident cases to financial data like financial performances of vendors in CSV format in the SQL server. Consequently, our client faced challenges integrating the data, mapping these data fields, and deriving meaningful insights from their vendor data.

They hired us to streamline their operational efficiency, overcome
challenges with extraction of valuable business insights to formulate
strategic decisions.


Our client managed diverse financial and safety data from various sources like ComputerEase, Quickbooks, Spectrum, Sage 100, Sage 50, Foundation, Netsuite, Sage Intacct, and safety metrics in CSV format. Initially, we modified the client’s ADF pipeline to accommodate this data and to incorporate Store Procedures like Raw Stage and Persist Area.

We created a scalable ETL data pipeline in Azure to centralize key business data for streamlined analytics. Leveraging ADF Dataflow, we transformed and deposited the refined data into an Azure SQL server, ensuring centralized and reliable storage.

Using Power BI, we organized the data and conducted manual validation within the ADF pipeline. We optimized the pipeline and automated data updates through scheduled triggers to increase efficiency. We ran the transformed data through Power BI dashboards to gather insights across various domains, including fleet, sales, finance, safety, HR, and IT tickets. These dashboards offered a complete view, aiding in performance analysis, trend identification, and future forecasting.

This end-to-end solution elevated data accuracy and accessibility and em-powered our client with data-driven insights for strategic decision-making.

Technology Stack

Data Integration and Transformation Tool

Azure Data Factory



Microsoft Stack

Quickbase Integration

Visualization Tool

Power BI

Vital Operations

  • Data Mapping
  • Version Control & Deployment
  • Data Migration & Transformation
  • Stored Procedure Modification
  • Remote Data Access
  • Table and Procedure Updates

Business Value Proposition

  • The development of multiple dashboards facilitated data-driven decision-making. The deployment of Power BI dashboards increased data visualization efficiency, enabling quicker insights and informed actions across departments.
  • The data transformation process within the ADF-created Data Flow significantly enhanced the overall data quality.
  • This consolidation reduced data retrieval time, increasing operational agility. The client could access critical information promptly.
  • We automated the data transformation process, allowing your team to focus on high-value tasks and driving innovation.
  • Data visualization streamlined business operations, fostering increased efficiency and agility.

About Techment

We are an innovative software solution provider that empowers enterprises with cutting-edge technology solutions. We work as a technology partner to help transform businesses and are driven by the success of our client’s businesses.

Our core expertise is in Digital Transformation (App Modernization, Data Engineering, Cloud), Digital Operations, and PSA.

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