LMS Enhancement And Document Automation

Increasing Learner Engagement for Edtech Platform


The recent pandemic revolutionized the tech sector with a boom in ed-tech start-ups. The proliferation of Edtech companies is expected to reach $ 457.8 Billion by 2026.

One of our ed-tech clients, is a leading SaaS-based multi-tenant LMS platform provider (providing courses, certifications, training, and exam preparation) that helps organizations offer digital learning programs. Our technology enabled them to provide content on their platform to millions of learners in state-of-the-art learning experiences.

Challenges and Opportunities

The challenges faced by our client were:

  • Decreased productivity and poor user engagement due to obsolete UI/UX. In addition, their content builder tool was underperforming and required multiple clicks.
  • Interactive content packages like SCORM, LTI, and Skillable Learn-on Demand Labs lacked technical support.
  • Incompatibility with different file types like PDF, CSV, Zip, etc.
  • High-level manual intervention needed to author a single course.
  • Inability to customize and style the content with tenant’s brand design.
  • Additional man-hours needed to run scripts, author, review, test and publish courses.
  • Inability to ingest data from diverse sources like ePUBS, pdfs, and XMLs

Our Solution

Perfection is an arduous journey and team Techment is always ready to go the extra mile.

  • We resolved the bottlenecks in their REST APIs and database, which accelerated the performance of the web application and content-building tool.
  • We redesigned the content-building tool to boost authors’ productivity.
  • We upgraded the web application by modernizing specific modules from backbone JS to Vue JS.
  • We upgraded the CMS to ingest data from diverse sources like PDF, CSV, Zip, etc.
  • We built technical capability on SCORM, LTI, Skillable learn on-demand on content builder tool and web application. It helped them gain a competitive edge.
  • We enhanced the user experience greatly by automating the content builder tool to edit, delete, and bulk upload assets for their content.
  • We built a UI to provide an instant content preview to match the tenant’s design. It greatly reduced the man-hours needed for reviewing and testing courses.
  • We developed a web application for the Content ETL tool.
  • This web application provides an interactive GUI-based approach for the content processing and ingestion from varied file types of files: PDF, XML, EPub, and other file types in the future.
  • After content transformation on desired lines, it gets stored as HTML (along with CSS, Images, etc.) in a file system compatible DB (NoSQL DB) that helps in seamless content search from the CMS.
  • The solution also involved prototyping, which involved format conversion, front-end and back-end scripting, processing, and automation of the conversion process.
  • Continuous optimization of our solution makes it fit for diverse file formats.

Technology Stack




Underscore Js



Coffee Script

Backbone Js


Graph SQL




IBM Cloud



Agile Methodology





Impact & Business value

  • We optimized e-learning tools to provide stability and reliability..
  • We provided tenant-specific improvements and enhancements.
  • Our Ruby on Rails expertise ensured faster go-to-market.
  • Cost-effective solutions with 98% on time deliveries ensuring faster turn-around time.

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