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Oct 23, 2020
Author Sunil Pandey

Applications that deliver an exceptional Customer Experience (CX) have gone through an extensive testing process that rectified issues/bugs and made the application reliable, safe and high performance. 

At Techment we take Quality Assurance very seriously because of following reasons:

  • More Cost Savings: A malfunction can cost a company in a short time, much more than the testing process itself. In the long run, addressing problems before they become saves a lot of cost as well.
  • Better Cyber security: Testing keeps hackers at bay as it prevents all easy access.
  • Higher Brand Equity: Application failure, crashing and other issues are very damaging to the brand and can discourage people from associating with it.

Faster Development Cycle: Knowledge exchange between developers and testers can speedup the entire process.

Advantages of Robust Software Testing

Years of experience has helped us in creating efficient and effective testing methodologies for Functional, Automation, Security, Compatibility, Usability, Performance (Load & Stress) and more. Following are the processes which are helping clients achieve greater quality while keeping costs lower.

Techment’s Testing Processes

  • Test Requirement Analysis:
    – Understanding project requirements in detail to understand the features to be tested and features not to be considered for testing
    – Understanding the testing priorities
    – Identifying the requirements which can be good candidates for automated testing and manual testing
    – Identifying the suitable test environment
  • Planning:
    – Defining scope and objectives of testing
    – Deciding the testing types be performed along with the specific strategy to be employed for each of them
    – Identifying the resources and testing tools required for the testing
    – Defining requirements related to the test environment
    – Defining entry, exit criteria along with the suspension and resumption criteria
    – Identifying assumptions and risk analysis
    – Estimating the time and effort required for the testing activities
    – Determining and assigning roles & responsibilities
  • Test Case Design & Development:
    – Creation and review of Test cases
    – Creation and review of automation scripts (if applicable)
    – Creation of relevant test data based on the test conditions

     Techment’s testing processes

  • Test Environment Setup:-
    – A separate, suitable environment is created for testing purpose
    – Test server is setup and network settings are configured and its management processes are defined
    – Test environment checklist is prepared and the required hardware and software components are aggregated
    – Test data is set up
    – Smoke testing of the environment to check is readiness
  • Test Execution:-
    – Execution of Test Cases as per the test plan
    – Comparison of actual results with the expected outcomes
    – Identifying and detecting defects
    – Logging the defects in the tool and reporting the identified bugs
    – Re-testing on defect fixtures by the development team.
    – Regression testing(if required)
    – Tracking a defect to its closure
  • Test Closure:
    -Analysis of test results
    – Evaluation of test life cycle exist criteria, test coverage, the quality achieved, the fulfilment of goals and objectives, critical business goals, etc.
    – All the test deliverables such as test plan, test strategy, test cases, etc. are collected and maintained
    – Retrospection of the whole testing process

The Techment Advantage

The Techment Advantage

  • High-velocity agile delivery model – Faster testing life cycles
  • Seamlessly extend the team as per workload
  • Optimized resource allocation with minimal overheads ensuring cost-effectiveness
  • ISTQB Certified and Experienced team delivering with quicker turnaround
  • Reduced cost by automation of manual tasks based on viability analysis
  • Capex to Opex approach for all deliverables

Techment’s Testing focus areas

  1. Mobile Apps Testing
  2. Web Applications Testing
  3. API Testing

Each of the above testing arenas has its own unique set of attributes which needs to be considered, analysed and addressed in the testing phase to deliver a quality solution. 

We have introduced automation in testing to improve the testing quality as well as cycle time. We are introducing new advancements to continuously improve our testing function. We will keep you posted on each advancement. 

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