Workshop on ‘Digital Transformation’ hosted by a Data Expert

Techment organized a technical workshop on ‘Digital Transformation’ hosted by an eminent data specialist, Mr. Jayaprakash Thakur, on 2nd Jan 2023.  

A Quick introduction of the speaker, Mr. Jayaprakash Thakur

Jayaprakash (JP) Thakur is a hard-core data specialist with 25+ years of experience in data analytics, data governance, data management, quality engineering, IT transformation, and portfolio management. 

Our esteemed speaker, JP, shared practical insights about ‘Digital Transformation: Its need, scope, and execution.’ Digital transformation can be defined as integrating digital tools and technologies into all business functional areas. It offers benefits such as cost saving, increased agility, productivity, and data-based insights, among many others. 

JP began the session with an interesting quote from Charles Darwin, which is as follows: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Undoubtedly, change is an indispensable and constant part of survival. As new technologies become mainstream for businesses and customers, companies need to adjust and adapt to stay relevant, or they will be wiped out with time. 

Some real-life examples of big brands that have been wiped out with time are SEARS, Sports Authority, ToysRUs, and many others. These examples depict that digitization is an inevitable part of businesses to stay ahead in the growth curve.

Scope and Benefits of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation marks the beginning of radical thinking about how an organization incorporates technology successfully. Top industry analyst firms have shown the immense scope of digital transformation at the current time.

The most common drivers of Digital Workplaces are efficient collaboration, enhancing team experience, optimizing business processes, fostering innovation, and sharing knowledge.

Scope and Benefits of Digital Transformation

Tips for Successfully Deploying Your Digital Transformation Roadmap

The biggest challenge is to understand how to execute the digital transformation successfully. Here are the ways you can improve your chances of a successful journey.

Turn your Team into Change Ambassadors

After receiving buy-in from your management, you must appoint some trustworthy and respected members of your organization as change ambassadors to ensure a smooth transition without much resistance.

Organizational Change Management

The essential key to digital transformation is ‘Organizational Change Management (OCM)’, which involves reskilling and upskilling the team to align with the updated tools and processes to ensure no layoffs happen in the process.

Establish the right KPIs

Knowing the suitable KPIs and metrics helps to keep track of determining if your digital journey is on the right path. Some important KPIs you must look into are Cost-benefit analysis, adoption & performance metrics, reliability and availability, and revenue from digital technology.

The session was very informative and gave rich insight into exciting facts and industry perspectives. We thank Mr. JP Thakur for taking time out of his vacation and providing thoughtful insights to the Techment leadership team on digital transformation and future trends in Data AI/ML.  

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