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Empowering Small and Medium Enterprises

Mastering Data Strategies for Success

Featured Speaker: Ms Mary Wojtas – Mary Wojtas is a seasoned data expert with over 25 years of experience in the field of data science and engineering.

Master Your Business: Key Takeaways from Our Exclusive Webinar!

In this webinar, you will have the opportunity to learn how a well-crafted data strategy plays a crucial role in taking small and medium-sized businesses forward.

Benefits of Joining this Webinar:

Gain valuable guidance on building a data strategy, emphasizing its essentiality, components, and implementation aligned with short-term business goals.

You will learn how to improve your business by gaining practical tips on customizing your data strategy for competitive advantage and smarter decision-making!

The session will span critical areas like data collection, in-depth analysis, robust security measures, and compliance with pertinent regulations.

This comprehensive coverage ensures that attendees walk away equipped with a holistic understanding of optimizing their data-related initiatives.

Key Takeways

Accelerate Your Success: Free Whitepaper & Expert Assessment Await You!

Please stay with us till the end of the session to get the following exciting takeaways:

Free Access to our well-researched White Paper on

Building a winning data strategy for Small & Medium Businesses

First and foremost, it answers ‘why at all do you need a data strategy? Is it really needed? Your initial focus might be driving product and service sales, expanding operations, and establishing a foothold in the market. However, data can be a significant driver of growth and success for your business.

The whitepaper offers practical steps for crafting a tailored data strategy, making it accessible for small and medium-sized companies. It acknowledges the prevalent sense of being overwhelmed and provides a clear path forward in data strategy implementation.

This whitepaper shows that a data strategy doesn’t have to be a lengthy commitment. It advocates for a phased approach, breaking it down into smaller, more manageable steps that align seamlessly with short-term business objectives.

It showcases how to tailor the data strategy to your unique needs, ensuring flexibility and alignment with specific objectives and resources.

Free Data Maturity Assessment

This plan will offer a detailed analysis of your current data processes and landscape, identifying areas for improvement and optimization.

About Speaker

Mary Wojtas

Director Of Data Engineering

Mary has held various roles at GM, Dell, Kestra Financial, Q2, and Charles Schwab. Over the years, she has successfully led teams and managed software engineering, data engineering, and data science projects in the automotive, finance, and healthcare domains. This involves a holistic understanding of the data lifecycle, including data acquisition, integration, storage, modeling, visualization, testing, and deployment. Combining her wisdom and years of experience in data and software engineering, Mary employs industry best practices and cutting-edge technologies to design scalable data architectures, optimal data processing pipelines, and robust machine learning models. She strongly advocates fostering a data-driven culture, empowering teams to leverage data as a strategic asset, and delivering value through actionable insights

Comprehensive Data Strategy Session for SMEs

Empowering SMEs: Master Data Strategies for Success

Master Your Business with Ms. Mary Wojtas: Join Our Webinar for Key Data Strategy Takeaways. Unlock the Potential of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises!

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