Wine Bottle Personalization


Wine has been an integral part of human civilization and is used to celebrate joyous occasions, and accomplishments. Our client, an award winning and one of the top winery of the USA with a large distribution network in the United States and the world, was on the lookout to make its wine more special, and deliver more customer value and increase brand loyalty.

Challenges and Opportunities

Though the “Personal Label” was not an entirely new concept, the licensed software’s available in the market did not meet the customer’s demand for flexibility, autonomy and creativity.

This hurdle became an opportunity when we proposed our solution of an in proprietary, internal software solution the “Label Maker”.

Our Solution

We worked with the marketing division of the winery and understood the nitty-gritty of the customer needs and designed our custom Label Maker. It was endowed with the following features:

Upload and design facility

Easy to use designing tools for creative labels

Easy to use payment gateway integration

A large set of wonderful designs for every occasion for customer to choose from

Label maker was seamlessly integrated into the existing ecommerce website.

Technology Stack


Bootstrap 3









Impact & Business value

The added feature of the label maker resulted in an immediate rise in revenue of around 8% for the client. It became an instant hit amongst its customers on account of its innovative features, functionality and usability.

The label maker also resulted in cost saving as the client did not need to pay the third-party license fee.

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