Simplifying Worker’s Compensation Value Chain

We Help Managed Care Organisations Harness the Power of Process Automation


Healthcare is a rapidly transforming industry that has been inundated with changes from every corner. Changes in regulations & compliances, along with technological innovation on the one hand and intensifying competition on the other, mandate that organizations respond to changes with agility.

‘Trans Assured’ is an automation platform for managed care companies, a comprehensive solution which integrates service providers across Workers’ Compensation value chain; from insurers, health care providers to transport and translation, physiotherapy, nursing and medical test service providers, Trans Assured brings everyone together on a single platform.

Challenges and Opportunities

Healthcare industry has its own set of unique challenges, our client in transportations and translation services faced the following challenges:

Volatile Nature of Service Requests

The company needs to make multiple calls and follow up for the same tasks to ensure there is no miss

In the absence of any automation, huge amount of repeated tasks like sending order

Is a costly affair?

confirmation emails, reconfirmation of services with providers, manual processing of invoices and detecting anomaly are required

Manual coordination between insurance company, customer support agents, providers and patient is cumbersome and prone to error. Being in healthcare domain even a single miss


It then allows recording of claims from patients who require transport and translation services. For a given service request the application helps in finding the most suitable service provider (driver/translator) and passes the service request details to him/her.

Techment’s solution automates the various processes involved in operations of a Managed Care company providing Transport and Translation services. It has a web and a mobile component. The web application is used by the Managed Care company and it starts with onboarding of Insurance company(s), its various contacts (i.e. Adjusters, NCM, FCM and other Managers) and its insured patients. It also onboards the various vendors, its drivers & translators who would action the service requests.

Technology Stack


Bootstrap 3










Impact & Business value

The features provided by the solution addresses the challenges faced by Managed Care companies providing transport & translation services and increase their productivity in several ways. The seamless deployment of the product helps in making a quick turnaround.

The automation process delivered success on all accounts by

Elimination of repeated tasks resulted in 30% time saving of agents

Reduction in number of missed appointments

Each agent could handle more business volumes

Reduction in processing time of service requests

Better patient experience and satisfaction

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