Modernizing Legacy Infrastructure with Cloud-native Technologies

Enhancing the Cloud-App Platform with Digital Transformation


One of our clients specializes in providing advanced image processing and AI solutions to improve mining sites’ safety, efficiency, and productivity. They use aerial data from drones for stockpile management, on-site inspections, overseeing logistics, progress reporting, etc. The advanced AI solutions help visualize and access mining and geological conditions to plan further actions.

They were facing problems in the application and infrastructure logging, causing delays in resolving customer issues. We helped them by modernizing and centralizing their legacy infrastructure.

Challenges and Opportunities

Our client faced delays in debugging the infrastructure and application logs as their applications were scattered on multiple servers. In addition, their infrastructure was scattered into Azure and GCP cloud, which delayed their response to errors or failures in AI modules.

Due to this issue, they were unable to resolve the end customer issues on time, and sometimes the SLAs were not met, resulting in losing customers.

In addition, their cost of infrastructure increased drastically as some of the servers they had created in one of the clouds were sometimes not terminated after completing the process.

Moreover, they opted for database backup on the server for one day due to space constraints, for which they lost access to old data, which they needed to troubleshoot the issues reported by the clients.

Our Solution

We optimized the problem-resolving process with Saas based monitoring tools to make all logs flow into one system. By centralizing infrastructure, application, and cloud services log, we ensured Zero downtime deployments, on-time delivery as per the SLAs, and increased customer satisfaction.

We also reduced their infrastructure costs by creating database backup in Azure blob storage for long-term retention. We also created an alert notification for servers running for more than 24 hours and provided daily and monthly backups of all the production databases.

Technology Stack


React Js



SQL Server



Agile Methodology





Impact and Business value

  • Reduced the number of tickets by 30% on a monthly basis.
  • Decreased the mean time to resolve the tickets by 85%.
  • Scalable, affordable, and efficient engineers well-versed with all cloud platforms.
  • Faster problem resolution and fewer unforeseen outages.

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