As we embark on the second quarter of the year, I am delighted to announce our significant progress in financial performance and overall achievements. Through the unwavering dedication and collaborative efforts of my team, we have achieved remarkable milestones and witnessed exceptional financial progress.
I take immense pride in the collective accomplishments of our team, and I eagerly anticipate the continued success and growth of Techment.

Subject Line: Techment’s Insights: Business Boost and Growth Strategies

Title: Driving Success: Strategies for Sustainable Business Growth

Techment’s partnership with Fivetran

Techment is now an official business partner of Fivetran, offering AI-powered data solutions for predictive analytics, machine learning, and personalized customer experiences. Fivetran is the industry leader in automated data movement, trusted by top global brands.

Mr. Jayaraman Raghuraman Joined Us as Advisory Board Member & Mentor

Introducing Our Podcast Series: Join the Conversation with Industry Experts

We are thrilled to announce that we have launched a new podcast series featuring influential data and technology experts with a massive social media following.

Join us as we establish Techment as a prominent brand through engaging discussions, expanding our network, and gaining industry visibility.

Seizing On-Site Collaborations

Shravan Pandita and Sunil Pandey from our QA team had an amazing on-site collaboration with our client in Ferragut, North Carolina, USA. Ferragut was extremely pleased with our team’s outstanding performance. This visit solidified Techment’s value proposition and opened the door for future collaboration, enabling us to explore synergies and jointly drive innovation in the automation domain.

Project Pipeline

We have signed a contract with a global fintech company, to create an augmented team of four engineers for the “Business As Usual Project.” They will support the application’s security, including issue resolution, library upgrades, and vulnerability testing.

Our Client, a leader in group purchasing solutions, has engaged our augmented team of four engineers. Our focus will be on the “Partners Connect” Application, conducting testing, and collaborating on Salesforce projects for upgrades.

We partnered with a major retail chain in India to develop a web-responsive LMS platform. This facilitates onboarding, creating profiles, taking online courses, and completing assessments. Our successful paid POC has paved the way for the full-scale enterprise project.
A property and vehicle tax management solution provider to US countries, hired us for QA testing of their Billing and Invoices application, and for providing L2 Support to optimize the LRC CAMA System with zero SLAs and downtime.

We signed a contract with an IT service provider with clientele in India and the USA, to create financial and fleet management dashboards with data visualization, transformation, and analytics for actionable insights.

Our client, a Consumer Internet company, has chosen us to develop their online/offline debate platform. We are creating the “Bergen Debate” 5th to 8th grade students, providing comprehensive services such as registration, scheduling, payments, billing, and ongoing platform maintenance.

A transportation and linguistic services company, has partnered with us to extend their platform with “Vendor Management” features on web and mobile applications. This project encompasses the development, maintenance, and support of their platform.

An NGO to develop a land- tracking tool for the Forest Right Act, has hired us to monitor land activities and allocate land to underprivileged families, showcasing our dedication to social causes.

Events/Conferences Attended

We actively participated in numerous events/conferences, which have immensely benefited us by expanding our data skills, fostering valuable connections, and keeping us at the forefront of industry trends and innovations. These engagements have been instrumental in providing insights into the latest innovations in AI/ML, cloud/edge technologies, and data privacy and security.

TiEcon – TiEcon 2023: Unleashing Innovation and Growth in Santa Clara
Vixul – Vixul Con 2023: Unleashing Tech and Business Growth in Texas!
Data for Breakfast: Fueling Insights and Innovation at Renaissance Dallas!

Techment Attended NACHA’s Chhattiskosh App Launch Event

NACHA’s Chhattiskosh App launch event was held on 11th June 2023 at Baylon, Raipur. This app is launched to bridge the language barriers and allow seamless translation between Chhattisgarhi and English. The event offered networking opportunities, fostering collaborations, and expanding our reach in technology and cultural preservation.

NACHA Members Visit us: A Memorable Visit of Collaboration

Deepali Saraogi, Founder, and Ganesh Kar, Executive President NACHA (North America Chhattisgarh Association), visited our Bhilai office on 23rd of June, 2023.
We eagerly anticipate our forthcoming collaboration with the NACHA team at an upcoming Swadeshi Mela event in Chicago, set to take place in September 2023.

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