Q2 Newsletter 2022

“Wishing you strength, endurance, and happiness in the year ahead!”

Data-driven transformation remains the crucial exemplar of disruption in 2022, and thus, we continue to reinvent business models to catalyze digital adoption. 

Globally, the technology sector layoffs are at their peak, but we are happy to announce that we are going against the wind! We are continually expanding with an ongoing massive hiring spree. 

We sincerely thank you, as this journey would not be possible without you!

Here are the highlights of the 2nd Quarter of 2022 

Techment Organized an Industry-Academia Meet on “Building Robust IT Ecosystem in Chhattisgarh

On 18th May 2022, Techment Organized an industry-academia meeting at the hotel Hyatt, Raipur (India). The event marked the participation of various reputed educational institutes of Chhattisgarh.  

The following ingenious plans were discussed in this conclave:

  • We will design new internship programs to train and nurture raw talent.
  • We will create campus to corporate programs to enroll students in Techment’s live projects on Data Science & Engineering, AI, Automation, etc. 
  • We will establish a consultation desk for students to nurture innovative ideas by providing technical guidance and funding.
  • We will provide certification courses to students keen on learning new skills.

Industry-academia interactions like these help us strengthen our role as enablers to augur innovation and growth in the education system and produce an employment-ready workforce in this digital transformation era.

We Attended Snowflake Summit 2022: A Conference on Data Collaboration 

We are excited to share that we attended one of the biggest conferences on ‘Data Collaboration’ held in Las Vegas from 13-16th June, 2022. 

One of the key focuses of the conference was ‘Governance and Cybersecurity,’ which will be the centerpiece of the data cloud strategy in days to come. Snowflake announced a New Native Application Framework that would allow partners like Techment to explore & expand new data-sharing capabilities. The New Native Application Framework will also enable us to create Data Apps and monetize them in the marketplace.

The conference offered a unique blend of hands-on training and educational content. The summit allowed us to explore many innovations in the data cloud and unearth new business collaborations. Snowflake has emerged as a Leader and offers a highly secured environment that would de-risk businesses. 

Our investment in and with Snowflake and related emerging “focused “practice areas will help us align and lead the emerging opportunities in the market. We are deep-diving into a few selected industry verticals with the right messaging, skills, and technology back-up, which would indeed give us promising returns with high payoffs.”

Summits like Snowflake will help us navigate the business environment carefully and explore new avenues. 


Upgradation of Parcel Sync Project Built in ArcGIS Platform to Manage Tax on Residential & Commercial Property

Techment is a technology partner for one of the leading property and tax solutions firms to upgrade their parcel sync assets built on ArcGIS to the latest version, to manage tax on residential and commercial properties. Multiple Counties will use this upgraded suite of platforms in North Carolina to manage their day-to-day activities. We have also devised a milestone-based road map to create this suite of assets to cater to the needs of the county users for managing their day-to-day activities. 

Enabling Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) through AI-enabled Web-based Platform

Techment Technology developed a web-based automated platform using agile technology to target Common Mental Illnesses. 

RPM Case study

Post-pandemic, there has been growing recognition of the importance of mental health, which is severely under-resourced. The patient backlogs are continuously increasing, which impedes mental health services. Consequently, digital mental health service providers offering affordable therapy sessions with BACP-accredited therapists (British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy) are rising. 

We developed a web-based platform for patients with ‘Mental Health conditions’ for one such digital health service provider in the UK. Our AI-enabled platform will facilitate early diagnosis and quick treatment by eliminating unnecessary human intervention. This platform, developed with an agile methodology, will provide economical solutions to patients with mental illness.

Happy Hours Celebration with Chris and Britney!

It was indeed a pleasure to receive our first and most valued customers at our Bhilai office in India on 20th June 2022. 

We had a fantastic interaction with the client’s team, exploring future work collaborations. They were overwhelmed to see our work ambience and high team spirit, which strengthened our brand perception.

We also organized a team collaboration event in the evening for In-person interaction with our esteemed clients. The event ignited the team-building experience that helped reconnect, rejuvenate and relax!

Going above and beyond with team bonding activities like these builds up a strong team spirit. We always look forward to opportunities to celebrate success at work!

We highly appreciated their taking the time to come and visit our office!

Small Byte from the CEO Desk

With rapidly increasing team size, we continue strengthening our roots in Healthcare, Retail, and Edtech segments. A huge shout-out and thank you to our team! As a data cloud management company, Techment is committed to its journey! 

In the upcoming years, data-driven innovation will continue to emerge as the critical archetype of disruption for technology domains. We will continue to advance with the vision of becoming the most trusted technology partner and a place of choice in smaller towns across India.