Low Code/No Code – A Revolution is Brewing

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Oct 27, 2020
Author Rupesh Sharma

The essence of the modern era is agility, and in times of crisis, agility is paramount. Though with its evolution the software development process has rapidly become agile, but with the Low Code/No Code (LCNC) development takes a quantum leap.

What is LCNC About?
App development requires coding from scratch, and that takes a lot of time. Consider the development simple app that allows users to see the status of their vehicle maintenance schedules and cost estimates along with updates. Traditionally it would take about a year for the app to reach users. With LCNC, you can build it in a matter of weeks! Surprised?

What LCNC does is that it provides developers with pre-built components to accelerate the programming process. An application is conceptually similar to many other applications and hence there would be many pre-built components that can be used and reconfigured.
The task at hand is to collect similar functionalities and build something new.

LCNC can reduce the development time by as much as 90%. In a hyper-competitive world, time is everything and is more significant than money.

Unleash Innovation from Every End
Today, many organizations are catalyzing innovation with LCNC. McKinsey’s research estimates that in organizations that empower citizen developers (those employees with little or no development skills) are 33% more innovative! The reason is that more thoughts, diverse ideas can get together in a non-traditional way to boost innovation.

It is a Startup Dream Come True
The bitter truth of the present market is that consumers are not willing to wait for your product; they will find an alternative. LCNC kills the wait!
For instance, GiveLocal, a web application, was created to help people support local shops by buying gift cards. Using LCNC, they built the web app in just 3 days, and it got acquired by the USA today almost instantly.
LCNC helps founders get their ideas in a tangible and functional state in the time that it usually takes companies to hire a developer. It is easy to validate the ideas and test them internally.
Business Model Testing can be easily done as the investment in time, capital, and resources are low; it allows for rapid pivoting.

Low Code/No Code - A Revolution is Brewing

Hence LCNC makes a lot of business sense, particularly for the initial stages of startup development.

Challenges and Constraints
There are various challenges and constraints of which founders need to be aware of.
Data Migrations: If you decide after developing your application that it needs more versatility and decide to shift it to other platforms, you will have to rebuild your application.
Data Vulnerability: The security may not be the strong suit of LCNC.
Complexity: You can introduce complex algorithms, only with various limitations.

LCNC shakes up the development paradigm. In many ways, its advantages are highly radical and clear. To say the least, it is a great tool for expanding innovation and testing ideas on the go. Organizations that have adopted LCNC have seen a shocking rise in innovation.

LCNC holds distinctive appeal for startups as it allows them to bring their ideas to life at marginal investments and blazing speed. In short, it is a tool no organizations must miss out on and find ingenious use cases.

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