Solution Architect

Job Description

A solution architect is a professional who specializes in designing and implementing technology solutions to address specific business needs. They are responsible for understanding business requirements, evaluating available technologies, and designing scalable and efficient solutions that align with the organization goals.

Roles & Responsibilities

  •  Senior IT Professional with detailed technical knowledge and understanding of solution architecture & design principles, architecture styles, design patterns, development & integration initiatives, configuration and quality attributes related to application lifecycle management.
  • Strong understanding of SDLC phases of execution of project since inception phase to delivery.
  • Perform R&D, build prototypes and POCs by analyzing existing business processes to rectify technology challenges & propose solutions relevant to new technologies.
  • Design and develop highly cohesive, robust, secure, scalable applications (traditional & SaaS model), Cloud and Automation platforms\tools with focus on new emerging technologies with hands-on experience of DevOps, Automate processes and Configuration Management.
  •  Interface with Pre-sales with ability to handle multiple prospect calls, RFP/RFI's, SOW's and follow-up items, ensuring a timely and professional response.
  • Perform code reviews, key deliverables audit and technical documents review to ensure that deliverables meet quality and timeline.
  • Collaborate with technical and business leads about project status including quality goals, managing deadlines, understanding and articulating priorities.
  • Requirement gathering: Collaborating with stakeholders to understand business requirements, objectives and constraints.
  • Solution Design: Developing end to end solution architecture, including technology selection, system integration and data flow.
  • Technical leadership: Providing technical expertise and guidance to development teams throughout the solution implementation process.
  • Technology Evaluation: Assessing available technologies, frameworks and platforms to identify the most suitable options for the solution.
  • Designing, modifying, and testing technical architecture
  • Provide supervision and guidance to development teams
  • Continually research the current and emerging technologies and propose changes where needed
  • Inform various stakeholders about any issues with the current technical solutions being implemented
  • Assess the business impact that certain technical choices have
  • Provide updates to stakeholders on product development processes, costs and budgets


  • Proven work experience as a Solution Architect or similar role
  • Previous project management experience is advantageous
  • In-depth understanding of coding languages
  • Sound knowledge of various operating systems and databases
  • Efficient communication skills
  • Strong organizational and leadership skills


  • 9+ Years

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