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How Does Techment Elevate Customer Experience with Generative AI in Retail & CPG?

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Richa Arya

In this article | Jan 28, 2024

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Enterprises are finally closing the gap between digitization and the restricted use of AI through Generative AI. This technology is proving to be more accessible, accessible, and promising for all enterprises and industries. With everyday tools, software, and applications being embedded with Generative AI, businesses are positioned to transform how work and how people work radically. With time, this technology will mature to a stage where every bit of task will involve utilizing it, and businesses will see ‘scaling’ as usual.

Before moving into its impact on various industries, it’s important to know exactly what Generative AI (Gen AI) is. This technology refers to the fantastic ability to learn from existing content, artifacts, or examples and create new artifacts on a large scale that truly capture the essence of the data they were trained on. The broad utilities, whether in content generation (ChatGPT and others), coding (Copilot), music, image generation, etc., have fascinated the world, and we can’t even imagine what’s more to come!

Generative AI in Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG):

Consumer-facing industries like retail have always been at a faster pace as they need to keep a steady hand on consumers’ end while being experimental at the same time. Hence, following the trend, retail and CPG are now investing in GAI to harness its potential to enhance operations and customer experience. According to Mckinsey’s recent report: 

  • The potential impact on retail and consumer packaged goods, can be truly remarkable, with an estimated range of $400 billion to $660 billion per year. The magnitude of this figure highlights the vast opportunities and possibilities within this industry.
  • Till date, approximately 75% of Generative AI’s value is spread across four key domains: customer operations, marketing and sales, software engineering, and research and development (R&D).

Let’s go further into the details of what are the impacts of Generative AI in retail:

How is Techment Positioned to Enhance Customer Experience and Business in Retail and CPG?

Customers are the epicenter of retail and CPG. Hence, this industry highlights potential use cases across the value chain. To expand their horizon in customer experience they are leveraging advanced technologies and innovating to stay competitive. Mckinsey’s report reveals that in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), ‘Customer Operations’, ‘Marketing and Sales’, and ‘Product and R&D’ will be highly impacted functions, and Generative AI will deliver significant value in areas of consumer research by various testing scenarios.

But customer operations is a vast terrain to attract visionary thinkers and innovators to explore and push the boundaries of what is possible. Here’s how we are enhancing customer experience with generative AI.

Techment Capabilities in Generative AI in Retail and CPG

Personalized Recommendation: Techment is poised to broaden its offerings through Generative AI, i.e., generating unit test cases to analyze client’s customer data in retail to make a real impact in tailored product recommendations. Leveraging this customer data with ML models (which perform analysis and predictions), we analyze large customer data, including past purchases and highly personalized product recommendations. 

By analyzing individual patterns and behaviors through Generative AI, we empower our retailer clients to offer each customer a customized shopping experience that aligns with their distinct preferences and requirements. This personalized approach ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty, improves conversion rates, and boosts sales.

Product Comparison: For product recommendation, customer purchase history, and other relevant data are needed for analysis, i.e., extracted from retail analytics tools. We perform data embedding through machine learning algorithms and natural language processing and extract valuable information from unstructured data, achieving human-level accuracy.

Using this past user data- feeding data in Generative AI, controlled by prompts, we visualize the comparison data through dashboards. 

Hence, we empower client’s customers to assess product offerings comprehensively using Generative AI. Customers can use this data to make informed decisions that align precisely with their requirements and preferences. By offering in-depth product comparisons, we would ultimately boost client’s ROI through better customers’ shopping experience.

Better Business Insights: Generative AI uses advanced algorithms to deeply analyze data relationships and uncover patterns in important areas like interactions with suppliers, procurement processes, manufacturing workflows, and supply chain logistics. Another better way to apply generative AI is to understand customer sentiment analysis and identify buying patterns. 

This valuable information is seamlessly integrated into the entire value chain, giving businesses valuable insights. By incorporating customer feedback into their daily operations, we help clients adapt and improve their products to meet market demands better. Ultimately, this plays a crucial role in transforming businesses, as it enhances customer experiences and empowers employees with better decision-making capabilities across the entire operational ecosystem.

Techment Expanding Capabilities in Generative AI 

We specialize in revolutionizing workplace administration, data analysis, consumer technology, and business optimization through our state-of-the-art services. At Techment, we have some test case scenarios, showcasing our dedication to innovation and giving our clients a competitive edge in their projects. 

A vital aspect of our approach lies in our meticulous implementation of unit test cases. This testing methodology ensures that every element of our projects adheres to the highest quality and functionality standards. 

With these test cases in Generative AI, we are poised to bring tangible benefits to our clients, including cost optimization, improved efficiency, faster time-to-market, and higher ROI. 

Establishing Risk Management for Empowered Generative AI Integration

To fully harness the power of generative AI, retailers need to seamlessly integrate this technology into their existing operations, ensuring a smooth blend of human touch. Retailers should identify key areas where AI can enhance customer experiences. By doing so, they can establish a mutually beneficial relationship that maximizes advantages for both the brand and the customer. 

Incorporating Generative AI into transformative initiatives requires a steadfast commitment to robust risk management and governance. To achieve this, it is imperative to define comprehensive processes and establish clear guardrails. By implementing stringent control , enterprises can confidently leverage Generative AI, safeguarding it from potential misuse and reinforcing its role as a catalyst for innovation.

If you want to incorporate generative AI, we are here to assist you in creating personalized use cases that align perfectly with your business. We understand that it’s essential  to prioritize these use cases by considering their feasibility, relevance, and return on investment (ROI). Connect with our experts to delve into our ongoing exploration and discover our services in depth.


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