How Does Automation Speed Up Workflow Processes in Workers’ Compensation?

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Oct 01, 2023
Author Varsha

Workers compensation landscape is shifting profoundly towards embracing automation and digitalization to streamline processes and enhance customer experiences. By integrating automation, advanced analytics, and comprehensive digital tools, stakeholders within the industry have the opportunity to stand out and thrive. 

Automation in the workers’ compensation sector is emerging as a transformative force, empowering stakeholders to seamlessly manage crucial resources such as healthcare professionals, specialized applications, and interconnected systems. One of the primary advantages of this automated approach lies in enhanced organizational efficiency and minimizing errors that could potentially impact the quality of services. 

By integrating automation into the healthcare-oriented workers’ compensation sector, operations are streamlined, and the level of service and satisfaction for all parties involved is significantly increased. Managed care companies in the workers’ compensation industry can face several challenges without automation, for instance, in tracking real-time information on reporting claims, expenses, service requests, and others. 

Without this capability, managed care companies may struggle to provide accurate and up-to-date information to all stakeholders, including injured workers, employers, medical providers, and regulatory bodies. 

How Automation Helps in Workers’ Compensation Sector?

Automation for Handling Transportation & Interpreter Service Requirements

Managing patient records and monitoring services of service providers are vital components of managed-care operations. At the same time, updating patient information and handling payment transactions can be quite laborious. Consequently, an effective automation system would greatly assist in validating and updating information whenever changes occur or new data is entered. 

We had the opportunity to collaborate with a managed care company who were seeking an efficient solution in monitoring the service provided in workers’ compensation. Their main challenge revolved around simplifying the process of accessing transportation and language interpretation services within the workers’ compensation industry. They were looking to make things easier for patients requiring transportation and language interpretation assistance. Our goal was to create a platform to help our client manage appointments and streamline the onboarding process for workers needing these services. With our new system in place, we wanted to make the entire process simple and stress-free for all stakeholders involved.

Automation Handled the Requests on Time & Made Patient Onboarding Easy

The manual patient onboarding process & repetitive manual tasks of executing requests for interpreters & transportation by client’s customers looked time-consuming, which would cause delays, and to address these issues, we automated the process and ensured timely and accurate data entry. 

Our client strived to improve efficiency and overall experience for all stakeholders involved, by implementing automation in the facilities for transportation and availing interpreters within the workers’ compensation sector. However, this was a challenging task as automating the process of ensuring the entire process from the request raised to the final availability of service was quite complex and required a delicate balance between automation and human interaction. 

Techment’s Approach of Implementing Automation

We aimed to automate the process of receiving requests, delivery of services, and maintaining the database to improve appointment success and reduce patient delays for patients. The client wanted to use these requested data to know about trends in required services and maintain a database of the same. 

We used a relational database, MySQL, for designing and implementing a database structure that could efficiently store and manage the relevant data about claims, requests raised, and others, for interpreters & transportation service, and automated all manual work like sending requests, confirmation of email, invoice processing, etc. 

Integrating frontend and backend using RESTful APIs allowed the user interface to interact seamlessly with the backend processing and facilitate cross-platform compatibility. RESTful APIs also facilitated the exchange of structured data about requests raised, orders processed, and confirmation through emails between the front and backend.

Amazon S3 was used for inventory storage and to manage asset storage which proved durable for files, assets, and uploads for an application. This enabled the versioning for S3 buckets which was helpful to track changes or know about previous versions of information.

How Did Automation Prove to be Successful?

Our clients realized the following outcomes through automation:

  • – Automation eliminated repetitive tasks enhancing the agent’s efficiency by saving 30% of their time.
  • – Appointment No-Show Rate was reduced by 10%.
  • – Turnaround time to process service requests was reduced by 20%.

Automation is More About Making Processes Efficient  

Automation in the workers’ compensation sector is set to transform operations using advanced technologies in future. The mix of technologies with automation will speed up claims processing, make the workforce more flexible, and use real-time information to follow the rules and handle complex situations.

In short, automation will change how things work, making them more efficient, accurate, and prepared for the future. Techment’s approach streamlined the client’s operations & connected organizational dots. We successfully boosted our client’s ROI by improving business processes. This approach has not only driven down risk and costs but has also increased customer satisfaction. 

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