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We design and deliver seamless, safe, and secure migrations for small and mid-sized enterprises.

Data migration is a complex process requiring meticulous planning structure and attention to the risks. Using fully compliant and secured data landscape profiling and automated test cycles, Techment has been executing Data Migrations with ease.

We provide All-in-one cloud migration solutions and have been seamlessly migrating data to Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud with minimal disruption. We design accurate data-cleaning schemas, fix anomalies while migrating data, and manage the processes with fault-tolerant architecture.

Techment Advantage

Data Migration is a vital process involving extracting and transforming data with precision and has to be planned precisely. It involves various challenges that can vary depending on the size and complexity of the projects, which are as follows:


Identify data sources:
Lack of a consolidated view of company data


Complex data structures:
Incompatibility between the data formats


Data Security and Compliance:
Strict adherence to all compliance-related requirements


Lack of data Quality:
Missing, invalid, or inconsistent legacy data

We understand the value of data and overcome these challenges using our expertise and skills. Our comprehensive data migration strategy involves accurate data landscape profiling for manual and automated data extraction, cleansing, loading, verification, testing, and implementation.

Data Migration Road Map

Our Data Migration Process

We assess your business needs and technology landscape to identify opportunities and recommend the optimal migration strategy. We ensure data availability, security, and reliability during the migration process.

Types of Data Migration

Database Migration

We migrate various data types and schemas using ETL to migrate databases to new servers.

Data Center Migration

With our expert planning and coordination, we migrate your data centers and legacy infrastructure to the cloud with minimal downtime.

Business Process Migration

We accelerate the transfer of your business processes containing information about customers, products, and operations, smoothly into your organization's infrastructure.

Cloud Migration

We Specialize in migrating your data to clouds within a compliant environment with minimum disruption. We perform cloud-to-cloud and on-premises server-to-cloud migrations Involving public, private, or hybrid cloud models.

Business Value Proposition

  • Reduce downtime often caused due to time-out issues
  • Lower the expense of projects
  • Minimize interruptions in business operations
  • Prevent data loss and retain data quality
  • Improved IT agility.

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