We are driven by the
principles of

Agility, Simplicity & Innovation

Techment is a digital catalyst. We catalyze solution development with our high-velocity agile delivery model and in-depth tech expertise for global organizations. Our team consists of passionate techno-functional experts that bring an outside-in approach and work as an extension of client teams. We are industry agnostic and work with companies of all sizes including disruptive startups.

Our Core Values



Winning for Customers, Associates and Stakeholders - Our culture is driven by our zest to win. We drive value in everything that we do to ensure our clients win. Our meritocratic culture focuses on employee training creates a win-win situation for all.

Commitment to

We truly believe in our commitment to clients’ and go above and beyond to uphold them. Be it release time for a critical update, innovative product features or just turning up for a meeting on time, our team proactively delivers on every commitment.


Integrity is at the core of everything we do at Techment. Our business model is built on a transparent and open culture which is secured with stringent processes and policies that uphold integrity across the organization while imbibing it in our people as well.

We Catalyze Across the Product Development Lifecycle

Our talent pool is a diverse mix of full stack developers, platform specialists, data scientists, tech architects, domain specialists and quality assurance experts.

Leadership Team

Manish Agarwal
Manish Agrawal

Co-founder & 
Chief Executive Officer

Manish is a dreamer, an entrepreneur, and Techment's visionary founder. He fell in love with technology at an early age which inspired his illustrious corporate career and entrepreneurial trysts. He founded one of the early e-commerce startups of India, picsquare.com, and successfully exited it in 2009. In 2013, Manish decided to embark on another challenging journey and incorporated Techment Technology, in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India.

Manish holds a Bachelor of Technology from the prestigious IIT Bombay, and MS from Purdue University are a fine testament to his love for technology.

rupesh sir
Rupesh Sharma

Chief Sales Officer

Rupesh is the brains and brawn behind Techment's technological prowess; a true technology evangelist who has been at the helm of organizational affairs, chalking out the technological vision for companies. He has a knack for devising novel strategies that ensure optimal utilization of technical resources and that they meet the client’s business needs.

He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and numerous certifications in Banking, Software and other domains; to him learning is an everlasting pilgrimage.

Manoj sir
Manoj Agrawal

Chief Delivery Officer

A man in eternal pursuit of perfection, Manoj understands the subtle nuances of value creation and client satisfaction through quality delivery. His extensive experience as delivery head gives him the wisdom to weave coherent strategies that simplify delivery of even the most challenging projects.

Being a scrum master himself, he is an expert mentor who guides young professionals to learn the art of Agile Development.

He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Systems) and loves reading about the latest technological advancements.

Pradibha Khichariya
Pratibha Khichariya

Sr. Manager - Human Resource

Hiring talents for a growing IT company and workforce planning for organizational development. In Techment Technology she draws experiences and specialists from the IT sector and optimizes the workforce.

Being a corporate HR, she strongly advocates culture management for better employee retention. Techment Technology has widely focused on making the workplace a better space that is more adaptable, collaborative, and one where employee recognition is accepted, hence she adheres to make the environment more culturally conscious and cross-functional.

For Techment, people matter the most, she builds a human network that involves trust and social link that contributes to our organizational capability and capitalize on individual differences.

Life at Techment