A Journey of Trust and Deep Bonding With Our Cherished Client [O]

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Oct 01, 2021
Author Manish Agrawal

The destinations are only as amazing as the journey; this holds for our [O] team especially because our client believes in Kaizen, the philosophy of constant incremental improvements that made our journey an adventure full of challenges, growth, learning, and accomplishments. 

From the initial days [O] leadership gave creative and technological liberty to our team in decision making. It helped them gain remarkable confidence in their abilities and evolve as leaders when the team grew bigger.

It is the culture of an organization that decides the longevity of its success. Looking back, it seems applaudable that the leadership at [O] gave exceptional autonomy to our team in deciding and nurturing the work culture.

A Growth Snapshot Since 2015

Our journey with [O] started in 2015 when it was a startup. With time this startup has evolved as a market leader, as a state-of-the-art platform for Verified Fund Raising. With [O] our team also grew from just 2 members in 2015 to a 20+ engineering team. There is more to the story, as our client keeps a sharp focus on innovation and shall keep redefining the industry with its digital-first services. 

Beating the Pandemic Blues

During the worst humanitarian crisis in recorded history, it was important for our [O] to think out of the box and innovate, and put in the extra mile efforts to help our client weather the storm successfully. The challenging time not only tested the mettle of our people but also deepened the trust our client had in our team. 

The Enviable Story of Trust, Connection, and Growth

The mark of lasting relations is that it is mutually rewarding. From the onset, then [O] was a startup, their vision was clear about how they want to be as a team. They have never shied away from recognizing honest work and extra mile efforts. We are sharing our journey: 

The Shimla Trip and Awards 2018

Saurabh Rai & Saba Anjum were appreciated for their exceptional efforts and were taken on an amazing trip to the majestic mountain peaks of Shimla. 

During the tour, the team collaborated and laid out the foundation of the analytics module for the clients to chart the path for future growth, expansion, and upgrades. 

They still have a vivid memory of this beyond-words tour, and their stay in one of India’s finest resorts, the Wildflower Hall, Oberoi. That is what we truly believe in: work hard, party harder!

A Trip to Gods Own Country, Kerala, and Awards 2019

The leadership of [O] took the exceptional performers on a surreal trip to Kovalam, Kerala. 

Domeshwari Nirmalkar won the ‘Kaizen’ Award for her outstanding performance and initiatives. Saba Anjum won the ‘OWN IT’ Award for delivering a quality product. Our team enjoyed the trip along with the [O] leadership. 

New Awards for the New Normal

Our exceptional effort during the pandemic not only helped our client weather the storm but also helped them maintain the growth momentum, by putting in the necessary efforts. The [O] leadership was once again more than generous in recognizing and appreciating the hard work.

 New Awards for the New Normal

Here are the people who made their mark this time :

  • Kaizen Award – Priti Agrawal
    For taking charge and leading by example
  • Best Performer Award – Narendra Kumar
    For delivering deep and enduring value to the product
  • Best Performer Award – Neha Deshmukh
    For drastically improving the overall quality of system delivery to production
  • Rookie of the Year Award – Awadhesh Kumar
    For outstanding commitment to driving the platform forward

The Gilded Future

The bond that has developed over the years continues to strengthen. With renewed focus, our team will continue to put their best to ensure that our client experiences accelerated growth in the coming years. 

A Hurrah for [O] and for our team!!!

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