Engagement Model

    Models that suit your need

Fixed Cost Development

We engage using the fixed cost model with clients who have well-defined and fixed project specifications. This helps in budgeting the exact technology development expenses in your project cost. We provide you a fixed cost estimate after assessing the time and material required to develop the desired solution.

Resource Augmentation

If you are looking for a technology partner to service your long-term product development and maintenance needs, this is the preferred engagement model. Resource Augmentation brings in predictability as the team members remains same throughout the engagement. Our team acts as your extended technology team saving time and money for you.

Pay per Hour

We understand that you need to assess the expertise of team before you entrust the entire product development to us. Complex projects may start with this model initially when the project scope is not well-defined. We recommend this engagement model for short term assignments to explore synergies, ultimately transforming to long-term strategic assignments.


We believe that start-ups will continue to develop cutting edge products and revolutionizing the business. We engage with start-ups by becoming their technology partner and investing our ideas, money, technology & marketing expertise. On case to case basis, we offer development services to start-ups at a lower price and becoming an equity partner.