Sales enablement and storytelling platform

Brandificant is a platform which empowers a company’s sales and marketing teams to organize their media assets and deliver interactive engaging stories that drive sales.

About Project

Brandificant a US based company founded by industry experts in sales, sales operations, marketing, sales training, mobile and digital technologies. The founders recognized the power of mobile technology, use of tablets and cloud- based systems to bring to a global sales force offering a more efficient alignment between sales and marketing.

They acquired KiCube, a next-generation sales enablement platform, designed to allow brands to create, deliver and manage story-telling using their current media assets (power points, video, pdf, spreadsheets, web pages and forms). These stories can be viewed on multiple delivery platforms including computers, tablets, iPads, smartphones and more. These multi-media story-telling experiences engage new prospects and allow measurement of customer interest during the sales cycle, creating greater sales and marketing efficiency and profitability.

The main requirement of the client was to align the product compatibility with the current technical environment. The client required the development team to resolve issues in the existing features and introduce new features in the existing product. The client also required modification of their UI components.


One of the major challenges which the team faced was to implement a new technology the Adobe flex in the current technical environment. The project also involved understanding the architecture that is useful in development of modular enterprise application, understand the existing codebase and add new features without disturbing the existing features. In the entire process the biggest challenge was to identify the depreciated APIs, libraries and then modify them to a proper working condition.


The development team quickly fixed the broken APIs and implemented the new ones to make the application more stable. Adobe flex was used to enhance to user experience and make the app more user friendly. Also implemented custom analytics in this product to track activities on individual story, media and contents and present in form of canned reports. The architecture is designed in such a way that load and traffic could be handled by shifting individual services to their dedicated servers.

Technologies Used

Backend Technology Used - Java8, Spring, Hibernate with JPA, Apache Velocity
Database – MySql
Frontend Technology used - HTML5, CSS3, Adobe flex, JQuery
Methodology – Agile
Web Server – Amazon EC2
Assets Server – Amazon S3
Application Server – Tomcat


The efforts of the Team were highly appreciated by the client.