An online platform to meet the agricultural needs of a Farmer

TheAgriHub is an online platform which connects farmers with new technologies in agriculture, various agri-input manufacturers, distributors and consultants.

About Project aims to be a one-stop discovery platform for conventional and hi-tech agricultural practice. is founded by Mr. Rajeeb Roy who has 20+ years of experience in the agriculture sector and wanted to create a platform by which he could enable every farmer to do good in agriculture by having access to latest and most advance tools & technologies. The platform should connect farmers with genuine traders, companies, and distributors to cater to their needs. His focus was on developing agricultural e-commerce ecosystem that would benefit consumers, traders, distributors and the economy as a whole.


One of the core challenge for the development team was to build the product according to the market needs. The product was evolving and it was critical to handle the continuous changes advised by the founding team and implement it in the existing application on a real time basis.

Another challenge the team faced was in developing an efficient search engine. Initially the team built the search engine with basic search features however after several iterations based on users' feedback the search engine resulted in more relevant results of the search as per different geographical location, brands, suppliers, type etc.

The number of nightly and interim builds to test in the limited time provided was a challenge for the team.


The Team at Techment designed a mobile responsive platform which allows farmers to search, enquire and buy various agriculture products and technologies. The first minimum viable product (MVP) was rolled out in 8 weeks so that TheAgriHub team could go live with the product early on and gather market feedback for further enhancement and hence a product with better market fit.

The system is designed to handle multiple languages – Indian and international.

Technologies Used

Backend Technology Used - Java8, Spring, Hibernate with JPA, Apache Velocity
Database – PostgresSql
Frontend Technology used - HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, AngularJs, JQuery
Methodology – Agile
Search Engine - Solr
Web Server – Amazon EC2
Assets Server – Amazon S3
Application Server – Tomcat


The Overall Online System designed was highly appreciated by the client.